1991 Bay Stallion

Serr Rou (AHR*125450) x Marlaroufa (AHR*83235)
Full Pedigree
Straight Babson Egyptian, Al Khamsa, Blue List, Pyramid, Sheykh Obeyd, Heirloom, Asil
Springmeadow Ranch
Almoraima Capitan
Capitan is the epitome of the Classic Arabian Horse with his big eyes, flowing mane and tail, great angulation and excellent conformation. He is a gentle soul; always with a positive attitude. He is easy enough for a novice to handle, breeding or otherwise. He is a smooth moving, comfortable, confident mount and always a favorite of visitors at the ranch.

Capitan joined us as an already mature stallion who had only been pasture bred. He was started under saddle for us by Rhita McNair with little effort due to his willing, easy nature.

Capitan carries the rare Babson blood of Marlaroufa; he is the only living and producing son of his beautiful dam. He consistently produces gorgeous, sound offspring with excellent minds.
Capitan in 2011. 

Photo by Elaine YertyPhoto by Frank BochanskyPhoto by Diana JohnsonPhoto by Frank BochanskyPhoto by Polly KnollCapitan in 2007. 

Photo by Frank Bochansky.Capitan in 2007. 

Photo by Frank Bochanskky.Capitan in 2011. 

Photo by Elaine Yerty.
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Stud Service Fee: $1000.00
Stud service is available either by live cover or artificial insemination.
All collection fees and fees connected to the hauling of Capitan to the vet, insemination, board, preparation of the mare, mare care at the vet or ranch, etc. are at the expense of the owner/agent/lessee of the mare. 
Artificial insemination is handled exlusively by Currie Equine, Hempstead, TX (979-826-2852).
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Capitan's Progeny

Moulin Rouge Rou - 2001 Chestnut Mare
Tariifah Bint Aurora - 2003 Bay Mare
Stormin Norman Rou - 2005 Bay Stallion
Sunday Silence Rou - 2005 Chestnut Mare
Photo by Elaine Yerty