Springmeadow was established in 1974 with the acquisition of two preservation bred Saluki hounds who came to be Ch. Sea Wind's Wild Hyacinth, CD, FCh, LCM and El Baz Dahabi, CD.  These two bitches had a strong Warm Valley/Billa-de-Esta heritage going
back to old English lines and it is upon the old English
line "Windswift" and its founder Miss Vera Watkins that
our breeding program was established.  To that end we
imported Windswift Sari Springmeadow and Windswift
Sharmin Spring.  Our goal has always been to produce
an elegant, typey yet functional hound bearing
characteristics going back to the desert heritage of the
breed.  We have remained  grounded to this goal over
the years so that our stock has maintained its look and
functionality.  Until the early nineties we were known
for our feathered Salukis but then we added Midbar
Beer Ruah Springmedow, a red smooth dog with old
American and desert lineage, and with him we began
to produce smooth coated Salukis with very well
defined musculature.  Shortly after that time we
welcomed Bani Dawsari Springmeadow Marah and
Bani Dawsari Kahalah who bring lineage even closer to
the desert.
We have been very involved with Salukis since
the beginning and have served as officers of
numerous Saluki organizations and have judged
both ASFA and AKC lure coursing.  Elaine has also
been a judge of numerous specialty Saluki
Sweepstakes and has been a columist for a
Saluki magazine as well as editor of two Saluki
publications over the years.  More recently we
have scaled back Saluki breeding and showing
but we still host the annual Galveston Bay Saluki Club coursing weekend on our ranch.
In 1993, Elaine sought to realize a dream
of adding Arabian Horses to the program
and again sought to select bloodlines with
old heritage.  The main focus has been the
preservation of the Babson Egyptian line in
and of itself and in combination with some
of the new Egyptian lines.  We currently
stand two stallions: the rare Almoraima
Capitan and the multi champion and
reserve champion dressage competitor,
Serr Sotamm+.  Coming up in the wings
are homebred Stormin Norman Rou and
Asiir Ibn Sotamm. Our broodmare band
Almoraima Aurora, Bint Khabira, Bint Bint Serabah, and
Fa Maarlina (co-owned with Elizabeth Dawsari); we are
dedicated to producing quality sporthorse prospects.

In 1999, we realized our dream to move our program to
a ranch property and settled on 98 acres in
Waller, Texas.  In addition to the dogs and horses, we
feed a growing friendly population of whitetail deer.
Elaine Yerty
28471 Waller Gladish Rd.
Waller, TX 77484
Email: SpringmeadowArab@pdq.net
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